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  • CALM: Mind Relaxation (250ml/bottle)

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    Herbal Super Tea Kombucha- Hibiscus Lime (250ml)

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    Herbal Super Tea Kombucha- Hops (250ml)

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    Herbal Super Tea Kombucha- Jasmine Chamomile (250ml)

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    Herbal Super Tea Kombucha- Lavender Blue (250ml)

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    Herbal Super Tea Kombucha- Raspberry (250ml)

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    Herbal Super Tea Kombucha- Rose Tulsi (250ml)

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  • Kombucha – Mocha Coffee (250ml bottles each)

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    Kombucha SCOBY with Starter Tea + Instructions

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    Kombucha- Lemon Ginger & Mint (250ml)

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    New Customer’s Trial Sampler- (250ml/bottle)

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Best Healing is Given by Nature

Raw Kombucha

Our Raw Kombucha© is produced by controlled and monitored fermentation of green tea using healthy probiotic cultures along with yeast. Culturing period is when the transformation occurs. During that time Raw Kombucha becomes naturally rich with Antioxidants, Probiotics, Amino Acids, Polyphenols and Active Enzymes.

What is Kombucha ? “The Tea of Immortality”

The first recorded use of kombucha comes from more than two thousand years ago, in the year 221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty. It was known as “The Tea of Immortality“. For several centuries, it has been used in Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan, Poland, Germany and Denmark. Recently it has become the #1 health drink in USA and other developed countries.

Back to Nature

People often, usually unknowingly, turn to Nature for comfort or healing. Not a modern-day concept! People in ancient times would temporarily leave the town to spend some time in the mountains and surrounded by positive forces of nature.
Ancient people knew what we are only beginning to understand – that the healing power of nature can offer rejuvenation that so many people, often unconsciously, crave.

We bring the Nature to you, packed in a bottle. The Raw Kombucha- Back to Nature…

Customer Reviews on Google

Arushi Kapoor

" Ever since I've tried kombucha, I've been looking for a place where I can get an endless supply of this incredible beverage. After discovering Raw Kombucha my search ended cause this is literally the best one I've had. The flavours are simply delicious! The lemon ginger mint flavour is just the most refreshing thing ever and mango is just the tastiest drink. Every flavour is just amazing and unique. If you're looking for a yummy healthy alternative to fizzy drinks look no further. Side note: Even the delivery is really quick and the batches are also super affordable. Hands down the best Kombucha there is. "

Priya Kanago

"Love love love Raw Kombucha flavors, especially when I'm craving something a bit carbonated but don't want to turn to soda. I like all the flavors of the Raw Kombucha brand because it has just the right amount of effervescence for me. The lemon-ginger flavor, mango, and pineapple are at the top of my favorites list. I like beverages with a bit of a kick and ginger delivers that every time. I recommend if you're in the mood for a reasonably healthy and tasty alternative to soda. I have tried all the flavors and they are simply amazing. I guarantee that you will be amazed by the taste and flavor. "

Neha Bansal

" My first ever experience of Kombucha started with Raw Kombucha and I must say that it's one of the best finds in this quarantine. I tried their Ginger lemon and herbal tea original flavor. Both the flavors are very refreshing and taste outstanding! Can't wait to try the rest of the flavors soon. "

Mayuri Sharma

" Best kombucha ever...
The taste is good, all the flavors are delicious with a well-balanced level of spice, acidity, and fizz. It's a nice afternoon pick-me-up. "

Vandana Dutt

" Been thinking of working on kombucha for so long, but couldn't get a starter from anywhere! Surprisingly got some recently from @getrawkombucha, and was happy to start experimenting! And the Get Raw Kombucha team answered my millions of questions with such patience.. we rarely find that level of customer service anymore!. "

Abinaya Palanichamy

" Bought SCOBY from here. Delivered on time and a very supportive team in terms of helping with the process. Totally recommend. "

Mum Menon

" I highly recommend this site. The delivery was very good and immediate. The scooby arrived in perfect condition. The best was the support from the team which was excellent. The kombucha was delicious. "

Hema Dua

" I ordered SCOBY and prepared Kombucha on my own but the customer assistance was v good on every point of time they guided me for the same.
All in all good experience "

Pradeep Sharma

" What a drink it is! Awesome. Healthy it is, moreover you can welcome your guests, friends with it. You may host your party too with this as mocktails."

Gautam Bhatia

" Loved the flavour of kombucha. It is light and refreshing. I loved this flavour- pineapple and lemon ginger kombucha. It was fizzy and well fermented. It is good for one's gut health and I loved the taste! I'd highly recommend buying this. I know I'd buy it again. I also love how they come up with these high qualities and new refreshing flavours. I have replaced soda with kombucha and hope others will do the same."

Praval Singh

" Ordered a set of 6 Kombuchas and absolutely loved them! Will probably take the SCOBY and try making them at home sometimes. "

Sandeep Sharma

"Its real Kombucha tasty, refreshing, healthy and for all age groups .. superb !!

Recommend all to try the all the flavors.... "

Sahil Sachdev

" The only place in Delhi NCR selling authentic Kambucha. This is the real deal and not the diluted version other sellers claim to sell online. Aman the owner is also a super nice person and always willing to help with suggestions on flavors and what to order. Their pricing is also very reasonable and he believes passionately in the health of others. Would highly recommend ordering from here."

Deepak Surana

" Being a beginner for brewing kombucha I didn't expect to brew such amazing kombucha.
The SCOBY received was really nice and with the WhatsApp support I w able to brew it perfectly.

Thank you so much. "

Nidhi Jaiswal Verma

" My experience with this kombucha has been delightsome and I also started making it at home with a healthy Scoby which I ordered from this site. I really found mango flavor refreshing. It is almost like a fruit juice with a tangy note and loaded with many more benefits. Don't hesitate to add this to your daily schedule. "


" Got my Kombucha SCOBY from Raw Kombucha in lockdown just for something fun to do. A healthy SCOBY was safely delivered within a couple of days and Aman was really helpful in guiding through the process and answering all my questions. A week later, I have a new SCOBY forming on top of the batch currently fermenting and it looks amazing. Thanks for all your help! 10/10 recommend "


" Aman happened to me at a time when I was struggling to find an authentic SCOBY and someone to handhold me into making my own tea and ferments...
He is just amazingly helpful and has complete knowledge of the Booch. His story is like adopting my first baby which I shall cherish and nourish with love care and life! "


" I really loved the brand and customer assistance. "

Amit Kanojia

"Wow ! This was my first experience trying kombucha in India. It was amazing to taste and felt great after having this drink. I tried 6 different flavors which comes in single pack, must say all are good in taste. Aman is the owner and he is having thorough knowledge on this subject. Definitely give a try once if really care about gut health. "

Alankar Sharma

" The Herbal SuperTea goes super well with Black Label
Thanks, Vivek for introducing this drink to me.
Unique and healthful combination with Scotch and Whisky!!
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, this is cool No Hangover recipe."

Natural Health

" I was looking for a drink which can be served to my health-conscious family and friends. We not only want to enjoy our time together but also not want to be ridden with guilt the next day and then diet.
Raw Kombucha is so much fun! Better than any Kombucha I have had. It is not only a great tasting Healthy, fizzy Probiotic drink but it also detoxes! Who knew a party drink could be a detox drink! I have suggested to all my friends now, Raw Kombucha is a staple in every party of ours."

Saumyaditya Bose

" Was pleasantly surprised to find such a niche beverage in Faridabad. Handcrafted in India. So decided to give it a go. Great quality and packaging. Have sampled three flavors - mango, pineapple, and lemon ginger. Loved all. Have become a loyal customer. Keep it up! "

Sachin Sharma

" It's amazing. "

Dhiraj Kharbanda

" I had been looking for a drink that I could keep at home to have it at any time I like. This is the drink that is tasty as well as a healthy one. I have fallen in love with it! "

Sujesh tp

" A nice drink and would recommend any person of any age group considering it's taste and benefits on our health. Glad that we have a product like this in India. "

Vivek Bhagat

" I had a taste of kombucha in local restaurants of Seoul, South Korea.
I can say the flavor of RawKombucha is better with ginger and lemon. Especially, freshness I can feel in fizzy taste is too good. "

Irish Om

" Great healthy beverage "

Tanu Sharma

" Was pleasantly surprised to find such a niche beverage in Faridabad. Handcrafted in India. So decided to give it a go. Great quality and packaging. Have sampled three flavors - mango, pineapple, and lemon ginger. Loved all. Have become a loyal customer. Keep it up! "

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