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Our Flavors


King of Tropics has squeezed all its flavor in this Raw Kombucha. Available in peak Mango season. This burst of sunshine is full of vitamins and probiotics.


Bathe in high surf of Pineapple in the bottle. It will drench you with bursting tropical flavors. Be ready for a flavor adventure.

Lemon ginger & mint

Tangy lemon, spicy ginger and cooling mint are having a party (I would like to say Luau if you think will make sense to everyone ) in one bottle and beckoning you to join in.

Apple Elixir

A winter bonanza of apple with bold spices. It’s taste is going to turn the weather blues into rainbow days.

Pomegranate Spiced

Sweet Pomegranate is dancing to a different tune in this spiced Raw Kombucha. A pair like no other, see for yourself.

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