How can one fight effects of Pollution living in city like Delhi ?

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The question being addressed here is living midst the choking pollution of Delhi, Delhi NCR and nearby region; is it possible for a person to do something to be able to fight the detrimental effect of factors generating from pollution? Pollution has been known to be a factor for over a million deaths in India, which causes a range of diseases, from a heart attack, asthma, chronic cough to as serious as lung cancer.

Being the sixth-most populated city in the world (Delhi NCR makes it second largest), has the highest level of harmful particulate matter making its air one of the most polluted. Though the air quality of Delhi is generally Moderate (101-200) the first few months of the year, it deteriorates drastically to Very Poor (301-400), Severe(401-500) or even Hazardous(500+) levels in last months of the year, between October to December(1). This pollution effect not just heavily populated cities like Delhi and its NCR region but also nearby north Indian cities like Gurgaon, Faridabad in Haryana as well as Noida in Uttar Pradesh ( UP ).

One may think what relationship does our food has with what we breathe in? According to researches, lung health is directly related to gut health (2). There is an overlap between some of the common bacteria between the gut microbiome and lungs. Boosting and supporting gut health has a direct positive impact on creating a healthy lung bacteria environment.

Kombucha is a drink that supports and promotes a healthy gut microbiome by adding bacteria essential for healthy digestion. This has a direct impact on lung health and makes children as well as adults better suited to fight the side effects of pollution. Pollution also causes mental stress along with the physical manifestation of stress. This can cause early aging and bring on chromosomal aberration in chromosomes making your cell act differently. It is not a hidden factor that stress is a contributory cause of cancer.

Having Kombucha helps relieve stress. Kombucha also provides a host of other benefits like antioxidants, amino acids, and enzymes along with having heart-healthy polyphenols. Now you can easily buy kombucha in Faridabad, Delhi, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, and Noida.

Kombucha is not a drink that is new to the human world. History dates it is 200- 2000 yr old drink. Its source has been traced back to China, Japan and even to Korea! There are many anecdotes and many unproven legends and facts which contribute to its mystical and mythical prowess. No matter where the source lies, Kombucha is an extremely healthy energy drink which is now also used as a pre and post-workout elixir. Raw Kombucha being All Natural, Fruity, delicious, low in sugar as well as naturally Fizzy makes it very easy to fall in love with. Why not! You are getting the best of both worlds – Health and Taste!

No Matter where the pollution comes from, Traffic, or Stubble burning in states like Haryana and Punjab; one needs to be prepared with their health

shield to fight it. Kombucha can be part of that shield on a daily basis.

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