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Thinking of selling Kombucha as your own brand? Whether you are a big retailer looking to launch your own Kombucha or an entrepreneur looking to start a business, we can support you.

We are already working with such clients, offering- Private Label, White Label, and Brewing Consultancy. You can focus on marketing and branding the product to your target audience.

You won’t need to stretch thin and rather focus on other areas of expertise to grow your business.

White Labeling

As a white label product we can provide you our currently offered product. You may resell the product under your own name and branding.With white label products, the retailer is able to charge a premium on the product by attaching their existing brand because of its position in the marketplace.

This business model works notably well for companies with already established and popular brands by expanding their portfolios. This model also offers a lot of benefits to early startups, as it doesn’t require huge investments or brewery experience.

Private Labeling

With private labeling, the product is created for exclusive sale by a single reseller. There is an option to customize it to fit your requirements and brand. We can manufacture and package based on your brand identity, logo, and name. It is more involved than the white label solution, but it will allow you to create a product that is unique to your niche.

If you motivated individual and budding entrepreneur, we can work with you at your comfort, to get you handsome boost.

Affiliate Marketing

If you already have an audience as in online/cloud kitchen ( Swiggy/Zomato), living in a society, like to work from home, being a health coach (nutritionist, dietician, gym instructor) or an online blogger or market place, you may boost your income by selling our product directly or by recommending it and collect commission any time.

Commercial Brewery Consultancy

If Private/White Labeling isn’t for you, we also offer consultancy to set up your own manufacturing. Starting from the Kombucha Culture microbiology to the brewing container and pipeline to package, we got it all covered. We have invested years of research and other resources in perfecting the process over iterations.

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