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General Questions

Q. What does Kombucha taste like?

Kombucha is a cultured beverage, so it does have a tangy taste similar to an apple cider vinegar. Our taste buds are so used to sugary drinks that the tart and slightly pleasantly biting taste of Kombucha might initially catch you off-guard.

Q. How is Raw Kombucha made ?

We at Raw Kombucha start with the best of Green Tea available to start our delicious drink. When a Kombucha Scoby (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast meets this delicious sweet green tea, it transforms it into a flavorful, tasty, fizzy Raw Kombucha. Most of that sweetness is used up by yeast and bacteria, making it a low sugar heart healthy drink- Kombucha.

Q. What is Kombucha Tea or Kombucha Culture?

As defined by Mayo Clinic, ” Kombucha tea is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. Although it is sometimes referred to as Kombucha mushroom tea, Kombucha is not a mushroom – it is a colony of bacteria and yeast. Kombucha tea is made by adding the colony to sugar and tea, and allowing the mix to ferment.”

Q. What are the floaties in my bottle?

These are strands of healthy culture! The culture is not visibly present at the time of bottling, but forms afterwards isn’t an indication that the kombucha is bad. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! It means your kombucha is alive and well, full of beneficial live bacteria. The longer Kombucha is bottled, more beneficial culture stands may appear, which may make the drink appear cloudy but it still retains all the health benefits.

Q. Does Kombucha contain caffeine?

Our products are naturally decaffeinated but may contain small amounts of caffeine, which may be beneficial. Our Kombucha is made with green tea, which is very low in caffeine compared to regular black tea and coffee. In fact, it is a great alternative to offer to kids instead of sugary and carbonated drinks.

Q. Is it supposed to be fizzy?

The effervescence in Raw Kombucha products is 100% naturally occurring and can vary from batch to batch and bottle to bottle. Unlike soda, the effervescence actually increases over time; therefore fresher product tends to be on the quieter side. The quality and benefits are still present in our Kombucha even if the effervescence is not.

Q. Who can drink Kombucha?

Everyone of all ages can enjoy our Raw Kombucha! Just remember that children are smaller, therefore their servings should be as well.

Q. How much should I drink?

Everyone has a unique system, therefore we suggest listening to your body when trying to determine the appropriate amount for you. However, if you are a first-time consumer, it is best to slowly introduce Kombucha to your system; have 4-6 ounces and then gradually increase your intake.

Q. How do I store it?

Because it is a raw, living food, ALWAYS keep your Kombucha in the refrigerator (1° to 4.5°C). Additionally, Raw Kombucha should always be stored upright and never on its side.

Q. Can I shake it?

Do NOT shake the bottle. If shaken, an overflow can occur due to the natural effervescence. To mix the sediment, we recommend tilting the bottle gently back and forth.

Q. Can I drink the product after its expiration date?

We advise to consume our Kombucha before the date printed. Given that it is living food, slow fermentation continues, making the product more tangy overtime. If refrigerated the product is not harmful several weeks after the best before date but the taste could change.

Q. Can Kombucha be consumed during pregnancy?

It is generally accepted that women should not introduce anything new to their system during pregnancy. Therefore, we always advise consulting with your doctor.

Q. How long do I keep Kombucha in my refrigerator?

From manufacturing date, Raw Kombucha lasts for about three months in the fridge. You may still be able to consume Kombucha after this date but there may be some alteration in taste. (I took the answer from Oregon Kombucha)

Q. Is Kombucha a good choice for parties and functions like weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, kitty parties, family and friends' get together etc.?

It is a wonderful addition to any party, since it’s amazing taste is all natural and it comes in different popular flavors. It can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. You will not only be a popular host by offering a drink that is getting increasingly popular in western world but also considered a savvy one for including a low sugar, all natural Kombucha in your party drinks menu. It is a great replacement for sugar laden, artificially carbonated cold drinks.
Our Raw Kombucha flavors are cocktails in themselves. Check out our popular flavors and do not forget to contact us for Party Order Discounts! Your party will be talk of the town!

Q. Is your Raw Kombucha Pasteurized?

No, we do not pasteurize Raw Kombucha as the process kills beneficial bacteria.

Q. Is Kombucha like other fermented foods like Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kefir etc.?

Yes, Kombucha is like other fermented foods like Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kefir etc. in the sense that it has all-natural fermentation produced by beneficial bacteria and yeast.  All these fermented foods are good for your health in different ways and taste entirely different. Raw Kombucha is available in many popular flavors.

Kombucha is the most popular among fermented drinks and foods for its unique flavor and qualities thereby making it the #1 health drink in USA and is on its way becoming favorite in other countries. If you have all natural, healthy, low sugar drink option available which is full of probiotics, amino acids, enzymes; why will you offer anything else to your loved ones!


Q. Can Raw Kombucha be used as a pre-workout drink?

Different people have different tolerance level to natural fermentation of Kombucha, which is of course much less compared to any carbonated drink. Some doctors claim that they don’t see a reason to stay away from it before a workout, especially since Kombucha is hydrating and energizing. But some people want to have it have their work out.
Whether to drink before or after – simply try it out and listen to your gut. If you find your workout performance get better after drinking it then have some of it before . It is recommended more often to be had after the workout.

Q. Can Kombucha be used as a post workout drink?

A- Kombucha has been touted to be a health elixir and has been said to remove toxins from body. Post workout body is ready to be rehydrated and release the build up of toxins in muscles due to intense workout session. Raw Kombucha comes to rescue with benefits of hydrating the body with not only essential fluids but also giving a boost to your immunity with a beverage loaded with probiotics to increase your immunity.

Q. I practice yoga , can I drink kombucha ?

Yoga is a balance of bringing your mental and spiritual energies in combination with balancing and strengthening exercises. Removing toxins from your physical and mental state. Yoga and Kombucha go hand in hand. Kombucha balances body’s alkaline levels, increasing immunity and permits Yoga to deliver optimum benefits to the practitioner.

Q. I do aerobics everyday , is Kombucha good for me ?

Aerobics puts harder demand on body to move faster for which a higher level of energy consumption is required. It has been said “Through a special process known as chelation, the iron released helps boost blood hemoglobin, improving oxygen supply to tissues and stimulating the energy-producing process at the cellular level. In other words, by helping the body create more energy (ATP), the ancient tea can help those who regularly drink it stay energized.”
More energy for your aerobics! what more may one want !

Q. I am a runner, can I drink Kombucha?I am a marathon runner , will kombucha help me in some way?

Running puts extra pressure on joints. Kombucha not only provides iron to boost blood hemoglobin but is also said to be high in glucosamine to keep your joints healthy. For runners, Kombucha becomes a must as a hydrating source with added benefits.

Q. Why Kombucha good for Athletes ?

Athletes put a higher level of stress on their body by making it work at its peak performance for a longer period of time. Putting higher stress on their overall health and making their body susceptible to breakdown faster if not supplied by key nutrients to keep in fit condition. Raw Kombucha’s alkaline environment allows their body’s immune system to help defend the over-worked systems. While increasing the hydration level, Kombucha provides the right environment for their digestive system to work properly so they can get the maximum benefit out of the nutrition they are providing to their body.

Weight Loss

Q. Does Kombucha help with weight loss?

Research evidence shows that improved metabolism and slowing down fat accumulation in body are some of the pleasant benefits of Kombucha. This has immense consequence not only from health point of view but to maintain a fit body for those also, to whom vanity holds a higher place.
Kombucha’s help with weight loss is a multi pronged approach, by helping with being a great post workout drink and preparing body to absorb nutrition optimally by reducing toxins in the system.

Q. How much Sugar does Kombucha contain?

People have misgivings about Kombucha when it comes to sugar. Yes, sugar is used in the beginning in making Kombucha but as the yeast consumes this sugar create its fermentation, this sugar is used to create this powerhouse brew with natural carbonation instead of leaving it as regular sugar in Kombucha.
So it is not how much sugar was added to make Kombucha but ultimately how much sugar is left in it at the time you are drinking it. And technically, it is several times less than what is in your juice or most other carbonated beverages.
In short, if you are looking for a low sugar option for an invigorating drink, look no further. Raw Kombucha is answer to your prayers. In fact, you may add Kombucha to your other drinks, like different juices to make cocktails/mocktails to give an extra punch to them while adding all the benefits and reducing the overall sugar content in the drink.

Cleansing / Detoxification

Q. Does Kombucha help with detoxification ?

Kombucha is an unparalleled source of teeming beneficial bacteria and health boosting enzymes that help in detoxification in natural way. Gluconic acid which is known to bind to toxins to help eliminate them from body is present in Kombucha to achieve this end result.
Another important factor is Glucaric acid, which actually maintains good health for your liver which is known to be a major detoxifying organ in body. Consider it the janitor of your bodily systems without which your body may not function optimally.

Q. Does Kombucha help with digestion ?

Our digestive system is under contact attack from stressors including wrong kind of food which displaces the healthy microbiome. Kombucha’s probiotic benefits replenishes the diseased microbiome and maintains a healthy microbiome. So whether you have digestive disorders or just trying to maintain a healthy gut, Kombucha may become your go to drink for balancing your gut bacteria. Start slow in the beginning by consuming only 4 ounces or half a cup of Kombucha. Once your body gets used to this powerful drink, you may consume up to a bottle or more depending on your body requirement/tolerance.


Q. What is the best time of the day to have Kombucha ?

To say that the answer is as diverse as human beings won’t be an exaggeration. Consuming it in the morning will be good for people who want to take benefit of the little caffeine present in Kombucha, to kick start your day with a shot full of the energy-boosting punch of fat burning elixir. Consuming it before the meal is said to prepare your body for proper and optimal digestion of all the nutrients from your food. Also, it is said to make you feel full and help you reach the satisfaction of satiety (feeling full) while consuming less amount of food
Some people like to have it as an after food drink. Some as a pre-workout for a boost of energy and some after to help get their bodies hydrated. People who are sensitive to caffeine may want to stay away from drinking it too late in the evening or at night.

In the end, it is basically a person’s personal choice which time of the day it suits their body best to have this cocktail of immunity, digestive aid, energy shot, and hydration.

Q. How much Kombucha should I drink at a time ?

Usually it is recommended to have about 4 ounces or half a glass at a time. You may have it as is, or even mix it with water or with any juice-fresh or bottled. Some people just sip it throughout the day. Again, it is your personal choice what works best for you. But usually, one bottle gives you enough goodness to last throughout the day whether had in one go or sipped intermittently.

Q. How often may I have Kombucha during a day ?

As answered above, recommended dosage for an average person is about one bottle or 8 oz. You may have it one go, 2-3 different times of the day or sipped throughout; the choice is yours. The benefits of Kombucha will be available to you no matter the frequency of consumption.

Q. Kombucha vs Juice - why is Juice bad for you ?

From childhood we are taught that fruit juices are good for us. What we forget is that most juices are just extracted that leaves behind the beneficial fiber from the fruit. What we consume as Juice is a drink loaded with sugar, even if touted to be sucrose or natural fruit sugar. Too much sugar in any form is not good for our body.
Here Kombucha has come to our rescue. Though there is sugar added at the beginning for the yeast to start working its magic; by the time this beneficial potion is ready, the sugar level gets drastically reduced, about 2-8 grams per 8 oz versus almost 24 grams in 8 oz of Orange juice.
Apart from high sugar content in juice, Kombucha wins this race by having heavy hitters like Probiotics, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, and Organic Acids.
Yes, you can get benefits of Kombucha individually from other food sources but how many food sources can give you so many benefits in one go!

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Q. Do you Ship Raw Kombucha to Delhi NCR region?

Yes, we ship Raw Kombucha to Delhi NCR including Gurgaon and Noida. Anywhere outside these regions, the volume details will determine availability, delivery method and time. We do encourage you to contact us with your inquiry.
The minimum order requirement for delivery to NCR regions is 5 six packs. Please contact us via call/WhatsApp call or msg or email for your inquiry.

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