Why Drink Kombucha for a Healthy Lifestyle ?

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Kombucha is low sugar, high energy drink which taps into your system’s gut microbiome to enhance your body’s fitness and function from within.

Researchers continue to find a relationship between gut microbiome with not only healthy digestion, which is directly connected to nutrition absorption and availability to your body, but also to our Lung Health, focus, the brain’s/nervous function and with something as evasive as mental health. Talk about long-distance relationships!

Kombucha benefits directly by improving our gut microbiome and indirectly by improving the performance of organs and systems in the body that are affected by the gut microbiome.


Kombucha benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving digestion by adding beneficial bacteria to the digestive system
  • Detoxifying your Liver
  • Kombucha improves immunity against flu, cough and cold to something as serious as cancer (it has been researched and known to fight the side effects of cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation therapy) (1)
  • Improving your Lung Health! Yes, researchers have found that the bacteria that reside in your lungs are affected by gut bacteria. Poor gut health directly impacts your lung health.
  • Reduces Inflammation in the body which includes inflammation in knees and joints which help reduce symptoms of arthritis and gout.
  • Kombucha helps with IBS (Irritable bowel Syndrome)
  • Studies have indicated a deep connection between inflammation and depression. Kombucha helps combat depression by fighting inflammation.

Kombucha is a drink that can be enjoyed by children* and adults alike. Especially when we are talking about Raw Kombucha which is available in several flavors like Mango, Tropical Twist, Pina Colada, Pineapple, etc. Children love the different fruit fun flavors full of All Natural Fizz and you can rest easy that you have given your kids something which is low sugar and healthy. Raw Kombucha is available in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida regions currently. The delivery radius is being expanded continuously, so don’t hesitate to call and check on availability when you need it for your medical benefit, everyday relaxation or for kids’ parties or entertainment.

When one wants to list the benefits of Kombucha, the comprehensive list is so long that it almost feels like that one is claiming it to be a cure-all! But when the impact of this energy/sports drink is taken seriously- all the aspects of our lives it impacts- one is humbled by how it has remained in shadows for so long and just now claiming its place in the spotlight. so, buy kombucha in Noida and say hello to a healthy lifestyle.

This is one drink which one can drink in the morning with breakfast or any other meal, in between for hydration or serve in parties! Multi-tasking someone!

* for children under 5 yr of age and pregnant women, it is suggested to seek medical advice before partaking in Kombucha.

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